Mokai Gravity Canyon

If you are looking for thrills, you can ride extreme flying fox, experience our mighty 80-metre bungy or feel the thrill of a 50-metre freefall on our bridge swing. The bravest among you will combine all three for the ultimate adrenalin rush!

At Mokai Gravity Canyon, we have an excellent safety record. Our emphasis is on maximum safety whilst ensuring maximum enjoyment!

Mokai Gravity Canyon occupies a unique position alongside and above a spectacular section of the Rangitikei River in the Taihape District. Through the operation of our business, staff and visitors interact with and experience a pristine river enviroment, substantial native reserves and walking tracks, historical features and stunning geological formations.

The idea of bungy jumping originated in the 1950′s, when footage was obtained by the BBC and David Attenborough, during a trip to the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. Here they witnessed the ancient ritual of ‘land-diving’, whereby men and boys dive from a tall wooden tower (some up to 30metres high), with vines attached to their ankles in an attempt to break their fall. This practice continues today as both a land fertility custom and as a test of manhood.

In 1979, a group known as the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club, executed the first modern bungy jump, from a 250 foot bridge in Bristol, England. Even though they were arrested following this experiment, they went on to bungy from the Golden Gate and Royal Gorge bridges in the USA.

Commercial bungy jumping began with New Zealander, AJ Hackett in the 1980′s.

1997- 2002
High Time Bungy was the brain child of local man John Eames. The site got consent to build in 1996 and was completed in December 1997. With just a train carriage as an office and the bungy, this was the starting point for better things to come. At that time High Time was the highest bungy in the country until the Nevis Highwire in 1999.

From the start of 2003 we re-opened as Mokai Gravity Canyon with new shareholders Taupo Tourism Holdings. In 2004 we added the Extreme Flying Fox and it has become one of our most popoular activities with over 20,000 flyers to date. And in 2007 we added the Giant Swing – the activity the staff rate as the scariest activity here!

Don’t look down!

New Zealand’s highest bridge bungy & New Zealand’s Highest tandem bungy,from 80 metres there’s no turning back 3,2,1 and you’re gone. After your jump there is no walking involved getting out of that canyon. The Gravity crew load
each jumper onto a water powered chairlift so you can experience the full 80m all over again in reverse and at much slower speed.

The Giant Swing is our newest activity. With 50m of pure free-fall it is sure to get you screaming!

Offering 1.1 Kilometers of high speed exhilaration at 160kp/h (or 100mp/h) and 175 metres above the river is a custom design that is the first one of it’s kind in the world! Come try it out and fly like you’ve always dreamt of!

For those who would still like to experience the natural wonder of the Rangitikei River canyon without the adrenaline involved, take a scenic ride on our water-powered chairlift.
This is a New Zealand first, and unique to Mokai Gravity Canyon.